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Prices and payment method

Just enter the shipping parameters (where, when, weight, dimensions) in the appropriate boxes of the form in the home page. The system will automatically offer you at least one express courier capable of shipping based on the parameters provided.

It depends on the courier company that will handle the shipment. The shipment is weighed in the warehouse and if it turns out to be actually larger, the courier reserves the right to send the package back and the payment for shipping will not be refunded.

In some cases you may be charged the difference in cost for the additional weight. We recommend reading the article on shipping bulky packages.

Prices are lower as we have signed a contract with the couriers and handle a large number of daily shipments. This allows you to take advantage of wholesale prices and other services that we put at your disposal.

No, our prices include all charges such as tolls, collection charges or other services charges. Unlike our competitors, we always display prices transparently and low costs do not hide other expenses. Surcharges are only considered for additional services such as insurance or express – faster delivery.

Furthermore, our prices always include home (or office) collection, a huge convenience, especially for those can’t easily take their parcel to the courier warehouse.

The weight of the package affects the final cost of the shipment. In order to be able to offer you the lowest prices, we need to know the weight of your package. If, upon receipt of the package, it is greater than what is indicated, the shipping service reserves the right to refuse the package.

In fact, if a difference is found during the weighing in the warehouse, the shipping company could return the package to the sender. In this case, the sender is not entitled to a refund for the shipment.

The dimensions of the shipment are important for organizational reasons. Each carrier has a maximum parcel size limit that must be respected. Otherwise the shipping service is not required to accept the package.

It is not possible to pay the driver. We only process orders that have already been paid. Therefore it is necessary to pay the order in the last steps of the online ordering procedure.

Payment for the booked services can only be made online via Stripe. The payment options are as follows:
• credit card payment
• bank transfer

Yup! Based on the entered parameters, the system calculates and displays the final real price. You will pay the shipment in advance and you will not have to pay anything to the driver or person in charge of the collection.

If you run an online store, manufacture products, sell them online or simply send bulk shipments, we can create a customized program for you with conditions based on your needs. Contact customer assistance for more information. We will be thrilled to be able to find the best solution for your case .

To find out the price, we advise you to use our online shipping form, which, after entering the package parameters, displays the real final price.

Weight and size limits vary by carrier. However, there are no particular restrictions. Our offer includes carriers capable of delivering up to 1 tons of weight. However, when you search for a transport, you will only be shown carriers that can handle the limits you specify.

As soon as the payment is credited to our account, you will receive an email with the order confirmation and its details.

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