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Shipping parcels is the web portal of parcel shipping in Italy and abroad. With us you can ship parcels to many countries around the world at the lowest price and without compromising the quality of service.

Thanks to long-standing collaborations with the best express courier you can always choose the customized online parcel shipping service, guaranteeing complete assistance from departure to arrival of parcels.

Integrity, quality and reliability are our values. For more information please reach us tel:+393889975157 (also on WhatsApp), or send a request with the contact form.

  • Save time and money
  • We take care of everything
  • Personalized assistance, including customs documents
  • Follow your packages thanks to tracking code
  • Ship worldwide with no worries
  • Free home pickup (unless otherwise specified)
  • 24/7 Chat via Whatsapp

Best prices to ship online, thanks to the large volumes of parcels it handles, manages to guarantee you the best prices for shipping parcels online. Our rates are especially affordable for bulky parcels, even removals and large luggage, shipped abroad. Thanks to our partnerships with the best international couriers, we are able to guarantee the customer, whether private or business, quality service, clear timelines, customs assistance and paperwork support. All in a transparent, fast and cost-effective manner.

If you were looking for an inexpensive online parcel shipping service, pack your books, shoes and clothes in boxes and ship them with to your new home. Shipping with us is convenient and more affordable: you save a great deal compared to airline rates. Our service also caters to those who want to ship a gift, a large package, business parcels or need to move to a new location.




Online parcel shipping for everybody!


Shipping for individuals within Italy and from Italy abroad.

Ship small or large packages, gifts, luggage anywhere in the country or abroad and track the shipment thanks to the tracking code.

We offer business parcel shipping service for companies in need to send a parcel within Italy or from Italy to a foreign countries.

In case customs clearance is needed, we assist you on filling out proper documentation and provide full assistance in case of customs hiccups.

In case of shipping large, bulky parcels or moving, we offer a tailor-made service for both companies and privates.

Here's how to make an online shipping with home pickup included in the price with us

Making an online shipment with us is super easy: just follow our guides on how to pack a package and how to ship a parcel to prepare everything you need. When you purchase our services, the courier will come to your home or office to pick up the packages and ship them to their final destination.

I vantaggi di spedire pacchi with us

Business consulting

Are you a company or have a business that requires online package shipping? Contact us to receive a tailored business consultation and to discover a dedicated plan for your business. We will become a partner in your success and you will receive all the benefits we can offer, from parcel shipping rates at the best price, to ongoing support, both on domestic and overseas shipments

Parcel Insurance

With SpedizioneComoda, your packages are safe! In fact, although unlikely to be needed, you can guarantee your shipment with insurance for damage or loss, and you will be reimbursed.

Comprehensive Assistance

With support by phone, via chat and via WhatsApp, our operators are available to you 24/7 for dedicated assistance both for and after sales. If you have concerns about shipping or what you need, or have problems with package delivery, please do not hesitate to contact our support.

Our flagship services for how-to-ship-a-parcel



Your shipment enjoys prompt delivery thanks to the reliability and cost-effectiveness of leading couriers. You are also guaranteed H24 support service, available either by email, phone or WhatsApp.



The proposed service is an express courier type, which unlike the postal service always has knowledge of where the package or pallet is located. You will always be able to track your shipment since you will be assigned a tracking number.

Customized assistance on customs documents

Customized assistance on customs documents

Our many years of experience will make the completion of customs documents a straightforward, intuitive and easy process. No more delays due to inadequate or incomplete documents for customs clearance.

Proactive tracking of the shipment from departure to arrival

Proactive tracking of the shipment from departure to arrival

From the moment your waybill is created, our operators will follow the shipment until it arrives, so that prompt action can be taken in case of travel, delivery or customs snags.

Assistance on possible customs snags

Assistance on possible customs snags

If a customs problem in the destination country arises, we will work with you and the courier to resolve it as soon as possible and release the goods for them to arrive as soon as possible.

Best express courier

Best express courier is proud to offer only the leaders in the transportation industry such as UPS, TNT and others. This ensures that the service offered can satisfy even the most demanding customers, providing due care and attention to parcel shipping.

Calculate your Shipping Cost 

Best site best website for parcel shipping

But why choose to ship your parcels? Simple, because we offer you various quotes from different express couriers, with no obligation, from which you can choose the one you prefer, while allowing you to ship parcels of all sizes at affordable rates, which include several services such as home pickup, shipment tracking, and a dedicated support service always ready to help you with any difficulties!

If you want to ship conveniently with us, saving time and money, and use the best couriers and exceptional customer service, start filling out the form.

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Follow our tips and guides on how to ship your packages online.

Answers to frequently asked questions about Online Parcel Shipping

With you ship parcels to Italy and abroad at affordable rates and with fast and efficient service, thanks to our collaboration with the best express couriers.

With us, you can send gifts to your loved ones for all occasions, or pack all your things and ship them to your new home, at the most affordable price that includes home pickup of the package, always available shipment tracking, and spedireweb support service always available to help you in case of any unforeseen issue.

Reviews from our customers are excellent, showing the efficiency of our service and the attention we put into offering the best possible experience to those who choose to ship their goods with us.

Choose the courier that best suits your needs. You need:

Fill in the details in the estimate calculator form and create your quote instantly. Then just choose the express courier that offers the most convenient solution for you. All is going to be done online and in real time!

Con noi troverai la soluzione ideale! All’interno del nostro sito web troverai informazioni dettagliate per aiutarti a gestire la tua spedizione. Qui trovi assistenza, costi di spedizione e restrizioni del servizio per merci che non si possono spedire. Pensando a te, abbiamo una pagina dedicata alle informazioni su come imballare un pacco. Oltre a fornire informazioni sulle merci la cui spedizione è proibita, ci sono altre informazioni per spedire un pacco in sicurezza.

In the top part of the homepage, please enter your package shipment information. To receive a quote, it is necessary to have the following information available:

  1. The city or postcode of departure;
  2. The country of destination;
  3. If you are shipping a package or Pallet;
  4. Its weight;
  5. Its dimensions (Height, Width and Depth);
  6. Click on Calculate your Shipping cost;

The following screen will return the shipping options, with their couriers, delivery times and costs.

It is to be reminded that the total cost of a shipment takes into account the location to be reached, how long it will take (air service vs truck) and the size and weight of the package to be sent.

The Express Couriers of SpedizioneComoda reach from Italy almost all over the world.

To find out if your destination is covered by the service, in the quote creation form at the top of the homepage click on "Destination", then type in the country where you'd like to ship and make sure it appears in the list of destinations served.

Image faq 1

Payment for your shipping can be conveniently made online. The last step of your online order refers to payment.

The payment options offered to SpedizioneComoda are 3:

  1. Credit Card, available online on the payment page;
  2. Bank transfer, by previous agreement and offline;

The shipping service is considered ordered as soon as the payment is made successfully.

The pick-up reservation, be it a private residence or office, can be requested during the online purchase.

After choosing the most suitable service for your needs and providing the sender and receiver info, the following screen will ask for the day and time slot in which the courier can come to collect the package.

Image faq 2

Except other way stated, the parcel pick up is always included in the price.

Alternatively, it is also possible to personally deliver the package to one of the collection centers of the chosen express courier. We will be happy to indicate the nearest address upon request. This option is convenient for those who do not want to wait for the courier in a pre arranged time slot.

The approximate delivery times for the parcel shipment are clearly shown on the quotation screen.

The travel time depends on various factors:

Given same weight and destination, what distinguishes one service from another and therefore the relative cost are the delivery times.

Once the online order is confirmed, you will receive the waybill in pdf at the email you indicated.

This must be printed and glued properly to the package.

Without the waybill the courier will not be able to take the package in charge.

For the reasons explained above, the answer to the question is yes, it is necessary to have access to a printer to be able to print out the waybill and attach it to the package to be sent.

Payment can be fully done online by credit card.

If preferred, by prior arrangement, it is possible to use a bank transfer to pay for the parcel shipment.

Successful payment is an essential condition for the service to take place.

No. At the package always departs from Italy. We ship from Italy all over the world, not vice versa.

This declaration reports to the customs authorities information on the origin of the goods being shipped, if those goods are destined to specific countries and if it contravenes international rules and embargoes.

The free export declaration, along with the proforma invoice, are necessary documents for the shipment of parcels from Italy to non-EU countries.

At spedizionecomoda you will find an entire article detailing these documents and a step-by-step complete filling in guide. Our assistants are also available for any clarifications.

As soon as the online shipment has been successfully paid, you will receive a confirmation email with the waybill attached.

We suggest checking the data shown on this file and contacting us in case of errors, in particular check the pick-up and delivery address along with the receiver's contact info.

For those shipments that go outside Europe, it is necessary to complete the free export declaration and have an invoice, be it commercial or proforma.

For these non-EU shipments, a second email will be sent with the two documents above attached. They need to be filled in and printed in three copies with the waybill. These documents in fact must be delivered to the courier who will collect the goods and travel with the package.

A copy must be attached to the package, a copy delivered by hand to the courier and the third to keep with you for any further requests by the courier or customs.

To better serve you, here at Spedizione Comoda we use 3 couriers, the most reliable:

Look at the colors on the quotation page and distinguish the courier that will be used for the service mentioned there. If in doubt, or if you want to use a specific courier, please ask for it by contacting us.

The answer is yes. These are not our locations, but rather shops of the couriers we use.

So, once you have selected the most convenient service for you, you can request the nearest express courier drop off point where to leave the package for delivery.

The days where the service is available are weekdays, from Monday to Friday, during office hours.

There are no collections and deliveries on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

After purchasing the shipment online and booking the collection, you will be sent a confirmation e-mail with the waybill to be affixed to the package attached.

On this waybill there is an alphanumeric code, also known as the tracking number..

This, inserted in the search bar on the website of the courier with which the package is sent, will allow you to check the progress of the shipment and its delivery in real time.

You can correct shipping data by contacting our customer service. We are available online with our chat and contact form. Alternatively you can write or call us at tel:+393889975157

No, with the local collection of the package by the express courier is included in the price, along with all the other services clearly listed.

To make sure your items do not get damaged in transit it is essential that the package is properly packed. To do so, you will need to ensure that the items are protected from the outside, that the box you choose is resistant and of the correct size, and that it is properly closed.

Yes, the operators at are always at your disposal to help you and provide any information is needed for your shipment. You can get in contact both via chat on our site, by telephone or WhatsApp, at the toll-free number spedireweb tel:+393889975157.