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Parcel shipping on the web with Express courier

Are you looking for a solution to send a gift or an item to a family member or friend in Italy or the World? Are you an e-commerce business and looking for a reliable parcel shipping partner? offers you on the web a variety of national and international parcel shipping services by express courier at competitive prices.

Furthermore, our customer service is competent and ready to assist you so that your package or pallet arrives at its destination smoothly.
The shipment of parcels to Italy, Europe and the world is what we have been doing for more than 10 years.

Three advantages in the shipment of parcels with

ritiro di pacchi a domicilio


With us, the collection of the package at home or office is always included in the price (unless otherway specified) .

tracking online spedizione


Tracking is available in all its shipping phases.

assistenza al cliente


Customer service is always at your disposal for any need.

spedizione online di oacchi
our loved
fellow citizens
for more than
To date, more than 500 thousand
parcels shipped in the world. is the website that assist you shipping your parcel or pallet within Italy or from Italy to the world. With us you can send packages to many countries around the world at the lowest price. In fact, without sacrificing the quality of the service you will enjoy very competitive rates.

Thanks to long-standing collaborations with the best express couriers, you can always choose the parcel delivery service that fits your need at the most favorable price. Thanks to the shipping volumes we manage, we are able to offer you excellent prices for your shipment.

Integrity, quality and reliability are our values. For more information please reach us tel:+393889975157 at +39 388 997 5157 (also on Whatsapp), ask us through the chat on the website or send a request via the contact form.

Online Shipping in 4 simple steps:

preventivo per spedizione online di pacchi


Enter the pickup location and final destination. Choose the offer that best suit you from the offered express courier no registration is needed, no forms to fill out.

imballaggio della spedizione


Pack the package carefully, make sure the contents are properly protected. A correct packaging avoids problems during transport.

ritiro della spedizione online


The courier will collect the package at your home, office or indicated address. Right after placing an order you receive via email the shipping label which must be glued on the package.

consegna della spedizione


Whether you ship packages, documents and pallets, with the parcel tracking service is always available moreover, you save time and money if comparing our service with traditional channels.

spedizione comoda


We specialize in logistics and transport international shipments as well as within Italy is a service that we have been carrying out for many years.

Our agreements with express couriers offer many services: early morning delivery to the largest number of postcodes and countries for example.

Our parcel delivery services are offered by the best express couriers in the world.

trasloco online


Pack your books, shoes and clothes in boxes and ship them with to your new home.

Shipping with us is convenient and cheaper: you might save a lot compared to airlines rates.

All you need is a cardboard boxes and masking tape.

spedire un regalo

SEND A GIFT TO YOUR LOVED ONES                  

Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries - there are many reasons to send a gift to someone you love.

With our international delivery, letting someone know you care is easier than ever.

Deliver your gift quickly with us today.

What is meant by parcel delivery?

Parcel shipments is the service that allows you to send your items whether they are small or large, within Italy or all over the world through an express courier. At we handle parcel shipping with professionalism, offering accurate online quotes. Shipping on the web has never been more convenient: in fact, it is an increasingly used practice because it allows to conveniently and easily send parcels. It is possible to ship even large and heavy items up to 100kg, enjoying also the courier pick up directly at the desired address.

Parcel shipping: what can you send?

We ship easily small and large parcels all over the world. We also could assist you with your moving, ship online parcels, pallets and documents. Fill out the main form with your shipment info and receive an instant quote. We enjoy the best reviews to ship on the web..

How to make a parcel shipment online?

The procedure for a package shipment with us is very simple: 1) calculate your quote by entering the shipment data, 2)place the order and pay online successfully, 3) wrap the package and wait for the courier to pick it up at your home or office, 4) When the package has been shipped, you will receive the tracking code (this also applies to economic shipping abroad with tracking)..

What are the benefits of online parcel shipments?

Sending parcels via the web with us has absolutely obvious advantages. First of all, you will be able to know in advance the online price to ship packages, even for large luggage and pallets, so you can evaluate our offer. We ship easy all over the world! Furthermore, through us you can schedule the delivery in the time slot you prefer. This is possible thanks to the agreements we have in place with the best express couriers in the world.

How much does it cost to ship parcels?

The cost of a package shipment depends on several factors, such as the 1) type of package, 2) size, weight, 3) place of departure and destination. On our site you can ship comfortably knowing in advance the cost of your shipping. Send parcels all over the world with

What are the best online parcel shipping services?

There are many options available to ship comfortably on the web. In addition to what it offered by are in fact several other companies offering who ship to Italy, calculate estimates for free and provide a tracking service. Our Stellar customer service and the expertise along with the reviews received over the years confirm us as one of the leading parcel shipping services available.

Why ship parcels online with send parcels on the web with ?

Choose the courier that best suits your needs. You need:

• an express delivery for fragile parcels?

• discover the cheapest shipping options without compromising with the quality of the service?

• ship through the web a package, document or a pallet?

Fill in the details in the estimate calculator form and create your quote instantly. Then just choose the express courier that offers the most convenient solution for you. All is going to be done online and in real time!

With us you will find the ideal solution! Within our website you will find detailed information to help you manage your shipment. Here you will receive assistance, shipping costs and info on service restrictions for goods that cannot be shipped. With you in mind, we have created a page with information on how to properly wrap your package. In addition to that are information on goods whose shipping is prohibited, there is other information on how to ship a package safely.

Parcel shipping: what it is and what it is used for

With you can ship packages within Italy and from Italy abroad at affordable rates and with a fast and efficient service. This is possible thanks to our collaboration with the best express couriers.

With us you can send gifts to your loved ones for all occasions, or pack all your things and ship them to your new home, always at the most convenient price. The pick-up of the package at home and the shipment tracking are always available, plus our assistance of shipweb is always available to help you in case of any problem.

How to ship parcels

Would you like to send a package but don't want to queue at the post office or pay a courier for collection? Thanks to you do not have to worry about parcels shipments on the web: in fact, the collection of the parcel is always included in the price, and we guarantee you the most convenient rates thanks to high volumes of shipping.

With us you can send parcels in Italy and in over 200 countries around the world comfortably, entrusting them to the best express couriers and always having national and international parcel tracking available.

But how do you ship a package with us? It's very simple, and you just need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. 1. Measure the dimensions of your package precisely, in order to have an immediate estimate of the cost of shipping, and don't worry: We at also transport pallets and large packages!

  2. 2. Enter the country of dispatch, the country of destination, the dimensions and weight of the package in the form on our home page. Here you can choose to send even more packages together, and once you have entered all the data you can get a quote of all the options available for your shipment, it's up to you to choose the one you prefer!

  3. 3. Once you have chosen the shipment that is most convenient for you, enter your billing information and specify the contents of the package, and then enter all the data necessary for collection and delivery, and here you can choose the day and time of the withdraw.

  4. 4. Last thing to do will be to pay for the shipping with our secure online payment system, and once this is done, all you have to do is pack your items and wait for the courier to pick it up!

Before the courier arrives, you will also need to pack the package correctly, but don't worry, this is also very simple: just use a box of the correct size, protect the items from the inside, and seal everything correctly.

Once you have prepared your package in the right way and you have entrusted it to our couriers, you can monitor the shipment at every stage, and make sure that the items you have sent arrive at their destination!

Advantages of parcel shipping

Online parcel shipping has many advantages: no longer having to put up with endless queues at the post office but being able to ship from the comfort of your home. You can choose the day and time for pick up and receiving by e-mail the Air Way Bill - Label with the shipping data to be glued on the package.

Furthermore, our prices are always clear and transparent, there are no hidden costs and we strive to always offer you the best solution for your international shipments. Once you have chosen the best rate for your parcel delivery, a parcel tracking service will always be available for you and the recipient. We want to always be transparent and accurate for your shipping needs.

Lastly our customer service will be always ready to help you and assist if any problem should arise, On our website you will find a guide on the steps to follow to send a package, the instructions to pack it correctly, the list of objects that by law cannot be shipped and for any questions you can contact us by phone, email or Whatsapp.

Best website for parcel shipping

Why choose to send your parcels from Italy Worldwide? Simple, because we offer you various quotes from different express couriers you can choose from. We allow you to ship packages of all sizes and till 1,000 kg at very competitive rate. Our shipping service includes office or home pick up, tracking of the shipping, and a specialized customer service always ready to help you in case of need!

Reviews from our customers are excellent, showing the efficiency of our service and the attention we put into offering the best possible experience to those who choose to ship their goods with us.

What are the advantages of online shipping?'s service offers you online courier shipping with significant savings in time and money. The many services included in the price further simplify your parcel shipping experience.

The main advantages of online shipping are:

  • online shipping with home pickup included in the price;
  • online express shipping anywhere in the world;
  • online shipping for every need;
  • shipment tracking - the tracking number.

Online shipping with home pickup included in the price's prices are competitive and rates always include pickup at your home or business. Once Once ordered your shipment simply agree on the time, day and address for the pickup of your package.

For convenient and fast package shipping, home pickup is essential for:

  • shipping heavy, bulky packages or pallets: getting to a courier company's location to ship a heavy or very large package can be difficult. In fact, almost never does an individual have the proper equipment available to load large packages or pallets. And then there is the problem of having a vehicle available to transport the shipment to the courier's location. It is much more convenient and therefore cost-effective to rely on online shipping with an express courier that takes care of all these organizational aspects for home pickup.
  • save time: online shipping with home pickup allows you to avoid standing in line at Italian Post offices. Arrange morning pickup to ensure that the express courier processes your shipment quickly.
  • save money: express courier normally charges additional fees for home pickup. Most couriers provide free shipment pickup only to subscribing customers., on the other hand, includes home pickup in the price of all online shipping (unless other way specified).


In the top part of the homepage, please enter your package shipment information. To receive a quote, it is necessary to have the following information available:

  1. The city or postcode of departure;
  2. The country of destination;
  3. If you are shipping a package or Pallet;
  4. Its weight;
  5. Its dimensions (Height, Width and Depth);
  6. Click on Calculate your Shipping cost;

The following screen will return the shipping options, with their couriers, delivery times and costs.

It is to be reminded that the total cost of a shipment takes into account the location to be reached, how long it will take (air service vs truck) and the size and weight of the package to be sent.

The Express Couriers of SpedizioneComoda reach almost all over the world.

To find out if your destination is covered by the service, in the quote creation form at the top of the homepage click on "Destination", then type in the country where you'd like to ship and make sure it appears in the list of destinations served.

Image faq 1

Payment for your shipping can be conveniently made online. The last step of your online order refers to payment.

The payment options offered to SpedizioneComoda are 3:

  1. Credit Card, available online on the payment page;
  2. PayPal, also online;
  3. Bank transfer, by previous agreement and offline;

The shipping service is considered ordered as soon as the payment is made successfully.

The pick-up reservation, be it a private residence or office, can be requested during the online purchase.

After choosing the most suitable service for your needs and providing the sender and receiver info, the following screen will ask for the day and time slot in which the courier can come to collect the package.

Image faq 2

Except other way stated, the parcel pick up is always included in the price.

Alternatively, it is also possible to personally deliver the package to one of the collection centers of the chosen express courier. We will be happy to indicate the nearest address upon request. This option is convenient for those who do not want to wait for the courier in a pre arranged time slot.

The approximate delivery times for the parcel shipment are clearly shown on the quotation screen.

The travel time depends on various factors:

  • The location to reach, the more remote it is, the more transit time it will take;
  • The chosen service, whether air or truck;
  • The period of the year in which the shipping takes place: holiday periods create peaks that usually delay couriers;
  • If there are adverse weather conditions;
  • Finally, if there are trade union strikes that could influence the normal operations of a given express courier;

Given same weight and destination, what distinguishes one service from another and therefore the relative cost are the delivery times.

Once the online order is confirmed, you will receive the waybill in pdf at the email you indicated.

This must be printed and glued properly to the package.

Without the waybill the courier will not be able to take the package in charge.

For the reasons explained above, the answer to the question is yes, it is necessary to have access to a printer to be able to print out the waybill and attach it to the package to be sent.

Payment can be fully done online by credit card or using a PayPal account.

If preferred, by prior arrangement, it is possible to use a bank transfer to pay for the parcel shipment.

Successful payment is an essential condition for the service to start.

No. At the package always departs from Italy. We ship from Italy all over the world, not vice versa.

This declaration reports to the customs authorities information on the origin of the goods being shipped, if those goods are destined to specific countries and if it contravenes international rules and embargoes.

The free export declaration, along with the proforma invoice, are necessary documents for the shipment of parcels to non-EU countries.

At spedizionecomoda you will find an entire article detailing these documents and a step-by-step compilat filling in guide. Our assistants are also available for any clarifications.

As soon as the online shipment has been successfully paid, you will receive a confirmation email with the waybill attached.

We suggest checking the data shown on this file and contacting us in case of errors, in particular check the pick-up and delivery address.

For those shipments that go outside Europe, it is necessary to complete the free export declaration and have an invoice, be it commercial or proforma.

For these non-EU shipments, a second email will be sent with the two documents above attached. They need to be filled in and printed in three copies with the waybill. These documents in fact must be delivered to the courier who will collect the goods and travel with the package.

A copy must be attached to the package, a copy delivered by hand to the courier and the third to keep with you for any further requests by the courier or customs.

To better serve you, here at Spedizione Comoda we use 3 couriers, the most reliable:

  • FedEx - TNT for the national service;
  • UPS and the leading German courier for international shipments;

Look at the colors on the quotation page and distinguish the courier that will be used for the service mentioned there. If in doubt, or if you want to use a specific courier, please ask for it by contacting us.

The answer is yes. These are not our locations, but rather shops of the couriers we use.

So, once you have selected the most convenient service for you, you can request the nearest express courier drop off point where to leave the package for delivery.

The days where the service is available are weekdays, from Monday to Friday, during office hours.

There are no collections and deliveries on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.

After purchasing the shipment online and booking the collection, you will be sent a confirmation e-mail with the waybill to be affixed to the package attached.

On this waybill there is an alphanumeric code, also known as the tracking number..

This, inserted in the search bar on the website of the courier with which the package is sent, will allow you to check the progress of the shipment and its delivery in real time.

You can correct shipping data by contacting our customer service. We are available online with our chat and contact form. Alternatively you can write or call us at tel:+393889975157

No, with the local collection of the package by the express courier is included in the price, along with all the other services clearly listed.

To make sure your items do not get damaged in transit it is essential that the package is properly packed. To do so, you will need to ensure that the items are protected from the outside, that the box you choose is resistant and of the correct size, and that it is properly closed.

Yes, the operators at are always at your disposal to help you and provide any information is needed for your shipment. You can get in contact both via chat on our site, by telephone or Whatsapp, at the toll-free number spedireweb tel:+393889975157.