Send parcels, documents and pallets within Italy

With SpedizioneComoda.it everything you need to Italy by express courier: parcels, documents and even pallets. You can do this with a simple and intuitive procedure, completely online. You can ship to any Italian location with couriers such as DHL and UPS at extremely convenient rates, with delivery times ranging from 24 to 72 hours.

With SpedizioneComoda.com we give you the possibility to send parcels, envelopes and pallets to Italy comfortably online, relying on the best international express couriers. All shipments include a tracking service to always be updated on the status of the delivery, collection and home delivery and an assistance service that is always at your disposal.

What items can be shipped within Italy?

SpedizioneComoda.com offers the possibility to send documents , parcels and pallets. Using our standard shipping service, you can send parcels weighing up to 70 kilograms. If, for example, you want to ship your suitcases or any item from one city to another of Italy, you can organize the shipment entirely online and, included in the price, with home pick-up of the package.

If your package exceeds the standard weight, don’t worry. Unlike national postal services, we allow you to send heavy parcels , even oversized ones, and pallets up to 3,000 kilograms. To do so, please request a personalized quote on our website to immediately find out your shipping rate.

Where you can ship in Italy with SpedizioneComoda.com

Spedire un pacco a Roma
Send a parcel to Rome

Thanks to the dense logistics network of UPS , DHL and TNT, SpedizioneComoda.com offers you the possibility of sending documents, parcels and pallets to Rome and to all other cities in Italy. If you need to ship to a location far from major cities or a remote area, our couriers will be able to reach any destination with delivery times of 48 hours up to 96 hours for the most remote areas .

Shipping to Sicily and Sardinia

SpedizioneComoda.com allows you to ship to Sicily and Sardinia starting from 48 hours. Booking your shipment to send documents, parcels or pallets to an island is not complicated at all. However, these shipments have differences compared to the rest of the country.

In fact, factors such as less developed transport routes and the necessary use of sea or air transport can influence shipping costs and times to an island.

For more information on fast and contained shipments, please consult the pages:

How to send a parcel within Italy?

SpedizioneComoda.com has developed a simple and fast system to organize your shipment entirely online. Just consult the guide on how to send a package and then request a quote. Our system will allow you to find the best courier to ship within Italy. Moreover our personnel is going to assist you within the countries.If you need to deal with supplier or don’t speak the language and have questions, let us assist you and became your partner on logistic in Italy

Forget about long queues at the post office or courier office. Once the shipment has been ordered, all you have to do is wait for the courier to collect your package on the agreed date and time slot. This service is included in the price with the services.

SpedizioneComoda.com allows you to send many items within Italy, with a simple and fast procedure , which allows you to choose the most convenient rate for fast and safe shipping, entrusted to the best European express couriers.

Simply enter the sender and recipient data in the appropriate form, enter the size of the package and the date on which the courier can come and collect the goods. Once this is done, just pay the fee with the payment method you prefer among credit card, PayPal or Wire Transfer, then wait for the courier to take charge of your shipment. Once entrusted to one of the best international express couriers, your shipment will always be traceable, and the package will be delivered to the recipient’s hands in Italy within a few working days.

Sending parcels to Italy with SpedizioneComoda.com is convenient, fast and safe, and we always strive to offer you the best possible service at the most convenient rate.

How to best pack your parcel?

The couriers of SpedizioneComoda.com have years of experience in the safe transport of even fragile parcels. In order to avoid any damage to the goods, we have created a guide with techniques and tips for safe packaging.

How much does it cost to send a parcel to Italy?

The costs for sending parcels to Italy vary according to both the size of the parcel and the destination . Within the European Union the prices are very similar, and on SpedizioneComoda.com you can always find the cheapest rates to get your parcels to Italy, while for extra-European shipments you must also consider other factors, such as distance between the place of origin and the place of destination, the size of the package and any customs duties.

On the website you can get all the information you need on the prices for sending parcels within Italy and in many countries around the world, and you can also get a personalized quote for items that do not fit into the standard dimensions of the parcels we usually transport, such as surfing, biking or snowboarding.

By choosing SpedizioneComoda.com you will not only benefit from a service superior to that of the national post office to send parcels of almost any weight or size at low cost rates. Our couriers will also deliver your package in Italy starting from 24 hours. Simply request a free quote to find out your shipping rate.

Although the Poste Delivery Express service, with rates starting from €12.90, may appear convenient, this has some limitations. In fact, Poste Italiane allows you to send parcels in Italy only up to 30 kg. Furthermore, delivery times are on average 3 days with home collection not always possible or included in the price.

With SpedizioneComoda.com, the collection of the package at your preferred address is always included in the price and you can arrange directly with the courier for the desired time slot. Furthermore, thanks to our tracking service you can always keep track of the progress of your shipment under control.

Discover the advantages of shipping within Italy with SpedizioneComoda.com

The services are fit to satisfy your shipping needs in Italy and to candidate us to be your shipping partner for good shipped from Italy. We guarantee you the best quality of service thanks to collaborations with the best couriers in the world, delivery times starting from 24 hours, and low cost rates. Request a quote today for your shipments in Italy: we will take care of the rest.


Choosing the courier to ship your parcel to Italy is not always easy or unambiguous.

The aspects to consider are:

  • How long does it take for the package to arrive at its destination?
  • How much does it weigh and how big is what I am shipping?
  • Where do I ship, in metropolitan areas or in more geographical isolated areas?
  • How important and dear to me is what I am sending? Do I need to track the shipment?
  • Do I need to insure the goods?

For example, if I’m sending something of little value and I don’t have an urgency for it to arrive quickly at its destination, a postal courier service without tracking is probably the cheapest solution but certainly not the most convenient.

If I want to ship in complete comfort with home pick-up for example, tracking and with the possibility of insuring the goods, an express courier is what you need. TNT for example offers excellent options by competing on the final price of parcel shipping based on the weight of the parcel.

If, on the other hand, I send an important document, I probably want to entrust my envelope to the most reliable courier at the expense of the best price: DHL or UPS.

A ranking drawn up in 2019 by Altroconsumo based on various factors such as punctuality, intact delivery of the package and general satisfaction of the sender and recipient, sees DHL, UPS and TNT as the best express couriers at the top. GLS and BRT follow, ahead of FedEx, SDA and Nexive, with Poste Italiane bringing up the rear in the ranking.

Here are some precautions on how to properly send fragile items within Italy :

  1. The box only needs to be slightly larger than the item.
  2. Wrap items in cushioning material.
  3. If necessary, coat the object with modeling foam.
  4. Use air cushions and/or packing chips.
  5. Label the box as “fragile”.
  6. If necessary, attach a tilt or impact detector to the casing.

There is noto any specific procedure, tThe waybill is usually attached to the outside of the package to allow anyone handling the shipment easy access to the important details of the shipment.

  1. Once you have received the waybill by email in pdf format, go ahead and print it out. (at least two copies, some couriers require multiple copies).
  2. Take a copy and cut or fold it in half following the dotted line in it.
  3. Attach the air waybill also known as AWB on the package, making sure that all information on the sender, recipient, goods and tracking number are clearly visible.

Here are the steps for a comfortable shipment within Italy:

  1. Choose your box

    Use a suitable box to safely contain what you are sending. To avoid fees due to size not easy to handle, please stick to standard Italian size as much as possible.

  2. Prepare the package

    Prepare the box to protect your goods and ensure that the package arrives intact. Reinforce the box with tape so it closes on all sides without ballooning. Also remember to reinforce the flaps with 5cm wide tape.

  3. Address your parcel

    If you are ordering your shipment online from Italy, make sure you have the necessary recipient information: Name and Surname, address including zip code, telephone number and email.

  4. Measure the package

    Measure the three dimensions of the package, Width, Length and Depth, as well as its weight in KG.

  5. Choose the service

    The best way to send the package depends on how quickly you want the shipment within Italy to arrive at its destination, its dimensions and weight. SpedizioneComoda.com offers a variety of services with different package delivery speeds and extras such as insurance, non-overlapping and non-standard sizes.

  6. Send parcel

    Once the online payment has been completed, you will receive the waybill by email.

    Make sure you attach it securely to the package, leaving the data shown on it visible, and have another copy printed out for the courier.

    Depending on your choice and the options offered by the courier in Italy, wait for the collection at the address you specified or take your box to the courier collection point closest to you.

To track a package in Italy, just go to the website of the courier with which the parcel has been sent and search for shipments by entering the tracking number in dedicated fielsd.

If you do not know the courier with which the package was sent, we recommend services such as 17TRACK, Track IT International tracking system or Packagetrackr where it will be possible to track-an-international-shipment or in Italy without knowing the details.

The cost of a package shipment to Italy depends on various factors, some manageable and mutable, others which are objective and immutable.

Among the points where we have options we find:

  • How soon do we want the package to arrive?
  • Which service do you prefer: express or postal courier?
  • Do we need to track the package?
  • Do we want to insure the goods?

Among the factors that we cannot change, however, we must consider:

  • The weight and dimensions of the goods.
  • The geographical area of destination: the more remote it is, the more expensive it will be to send.
  • Possible peak periods where the shipping costs may undergo temporal increases due to intense freight traffic or an excessive increase in the cost of fuel.

The actual weight of the package is not always the taxable weight. In fact, some couriers need, in addition to the weight, the dimensions of the package to compare the real weight with the volumetric one, choosing the greater of the two for the calculation of the final cost.

Below are the costs relating to 3 different weights if you choose to ship with one of the 4 couriers listed:

Couriers 1Kg 10Kg 50Kg
Italy Sic/Sard/Cal Italy Sic/Sard/Cal Italy Sic/Sard/Cal
BR extension €12.50 €14.07 €20.68
TNT extension €12.50 €13.75 €14.22 €15.09 €22.46 €24.21
UPS €12.99 €13.85 €27.90 €30.65 €87.44 €133.35
DHL €15.74 €17.37 €48.96€

The time that a package takes to be delivered in Italy basically depends on two factors:

  • The service you are using to ship, whether express or postal.
  • How remote is the location to reach.

In principle we can say that an express service such as TNTor DHL takes 24 – 48 hours to reach metropolitan areas while about 72 -96 hours for more remote geographical areas.

If necessary and at an additional cost, DHL offers express services with next-day morning delivery. However, this service is only available in specific geographical areas.