Shipping to Europe by express courier

Europe is just a click away and shipping a parcel, envelope, or pallet within the continent has never been easier and safer. It’s important to consider logistics when making purchases online while enjoying the convenience of having everything you need with home delivery.

Low-cost shipping to Europe

The service offered by SpedizioneComoda.com is an affordable express courier to ship packages in Europe and beyond. Our service is aimed at private individuals and companies: Just enter the data related to the package, the destination and the type of goods.

SpedizioneComoda.com allows local pick up of your package at your home or company. Then, you can track your goods in real-time by the express courier Europe, thanks to the partnership signed with the best international couriers on the market.

To ship to Europe with SpedizioneComoda.com, you just need to follow these few steps:

  • pack the parcel to be sent;
  • before requesting the quote, measure your package;
  • request a free quote and choose the courier;
  • choose the most convenient option for you;
  • arrange the home pick up with the chosen courier.

The service offered by SpedizioneComoda.com is based on a consolidated partnership with the best express couriers to send a package by express courier in Europe and 190 other countries around the world. And we offer this service with UPS, TNT, and DHL – among the most well-known and reliable couriers on the market today. We offer among the best rates to ship to Europe!

How much does it cost to ship a package to Europe?

On our home page you can get a quote from spedizionecomoda.com to send a package to Europe with custom criteria. With a low-cost shipping service in Europe, you can save a lot compared to the walk-in rates of a single courier.

SpedizioneComoda.com works with various international and local specialized carriers (freight forwarders, couriers, postal operators, etc.) to meet our customers’ expectations in a timely and efficient manner. All express courier fares are executed via the search engine principle and further processed by special algorithms to ensure customers can take advantage of the best prices for the express courier service commercially available in Europe.

Compared to traditional channels, with SpedizioneComoda.com the shipping costs can be decreased by up to 80%, and you also save the time that would have been spent looking for the best offer and contacting the various international couriers individually.

Example of shipping rates in Europe: route Rome-Sofia (Bulgaria)

By entering our criteria for a package weighing 1 kg with measures 25cm x 10cm x 15cm, these are the variables of our low-cost shipments within Europe.

Type of shipment Mode of transport Delivery times (business days) Cost
Documents By air 2 34,00€
By road/sea 6 35,00€
Package By air 2 86,00€
By road/sea 6 46,00€
Pallet By air 2 390,00€
By road/sea 6 106,00€

The minimum weight applicable for each shipment in Europe is 0,5 kg.

With SpedizioneComoda.com, you can even send oversized packages and organize low-cost shipments for up to 3,000 kg. Of course, the price of shipping depends on the distance. On SpedizioneComoda.com, you will find all the indications and suggestions to send with the low-cost express courier in Europe and around the world. Moreover, we will indicate the limitations applied to the country of destination.

Therefore, we also recommend that you stick to the list of prohibited items in shipments. In fact, European and foreign shipments containing ineligible objects, with very high probability will face problems of any kind such as the seizing at the customs of the destination country, the extra cost for the infringement applied by the courier, the courier’s refusal of take charge of the delivery and its additional charges due to the return of the goods.

What documents do I need to ship to Europe?

For fast shipments within the European Union, the required documents are the same as those needed to ship within Italy. In order to accept the package, the courier needs an invoice (in case of commercial goods) and a waybill (in English). It must include the name and details of the consignor and consignee and a description of the goods.

Suppose you want more information about the documents needed to ship outside Europe, including Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Norway, the United States, Canada and Russia. In that case, you can visit the page dedicated to customs documents.

Advice for courier shipments to Europe

1. Prohibited and licensed articles

Our couriers transport dangerous goods by road following national and international ADR regulations. These regulations apply to all countries that have included the ADR Convention in their legislation.

On top of that, EU directives on the transport of dangerous goods apply in Europe. You can check the goods excluded for being considered dangerous on the prohibited articles page.

2. Documents required for shipment

The following documents are required for the transport of dangerous goods to Europe:

  • Multimodal transport form for dangerous goods, required for transport by sea (countries separated from continental Europe by sea);
  • Consignment note (CMR) containing the appropriate ADR classification, drawn up in the local official language and in English, German or French.

3. Correct address

The standard format for reporting shipping addresses in Europe is similar to that of many countries. Make sure to give the recipient’s address according to the following structure:

  • first line: name and surname of the recipient or business name;
  • second line: street/street name and house number;
  • third line: 5-digit zip code and location;
  • fourth line: destination.

If you send a package that contains prohibited items, in case of issues claiming the loss or damage isn’t possible. If it causes damage to other goods, together with the transport of prohibited goods, the sender is required to pay the costs to the courier of the shipment to Europe.

Shipping low cost to Europe country by country

Looking for shipments to France?

Shipping to France implies a maximum transit time of 3 days by European express courier, which, however, guarantees fast delivery within 24 hours.

Our couriers can also make fast shipments to remote areas around the country. SpedizioneComoda.com can manage your parcel shipment to France in all cities, including Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Toulouse, and Nice.

We have a page with all the details about shipping to France; click for more information.

Jawohl! We ship to Germany

The moment of a package delivery in Germany.
The moment of a package delivery in Germany.

Shipping to Germany is very easy, and delivery is guaranteed in up to 48 hours. Our couriers are also able to make fast shipments to remote areas of the country.

You can count on our services throughout Germany. Of course, major German cities such as Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Cologne, and Stuttgart are in high demand by our customers.

Finally, if you need more details about sending a package to Germany, please visit our dedicated page.

Express Courier to Spain

Delivery of your shipment to Spain is guaranteed in a maximum of 72 hours. In addition to the popular routes Madrid and Barcelona, our couriers also quickly ship to Valencia, Seville, Bilbao, Oviedo, and all other country areas.

So, for more information about shipping to Spain, just click on the link and visit the page.

Shipments to Portugal

Shipping to Portugal, the western most of all the European states, and facing the Atlantic Ocean, has an estimated transit time ranging from 2 to 3 days. Our couriers can also make fast shipments to remote areas of the country.

The main cities reached by the SpedizioneComoda.com parcel service in Europe by express courier to Portugal are Lisbon and Porto.

Son or daughter in London? We ship all over the UK

Shipping to the UK is quick and easy: your shipment to London can be made quickly, in up to 72 hours. The parcels’ transit time to the United Kingdom is very competitive.

Our couriers are able to make fast shipments to the most important cities such as London, Manchester, and Edinburgh, but not only: all cities in the UK are covered, even remote areas.

You can find more information on how to ship to England and around the UK on our dedicated page.

Pickup of two packages to be shipped to Europe
Pickup of two packages to be shipped to Europe

Shipping to the Netherlands

Shipping to the Netherlands means sending our packages to one of the two current provinces: North Holland and South Holland. The transit time is maximum 3 days. Our couriers are also able to make fast shipments to remote areas of the country.

SpedizioneComoda.com reaches all the cities in the Netherlands, such as The Hague, Rotterdam, and, of course, Amsterdam.

Express delivery to Poland?

Shipping to Poland, Central Europe, maybe to reach Gdansk, considered by many the most beautiful city of the Baltic, has transit times of maximum 3 days. Our couriers are also able to make fast shipments to remote areas of the country.

Besides the capital Warsaw, SpedizioneComoda.com delivers parcels to the important city of Krakow, Poznań, and all other Polish cities.

Shipping to the Ukraine?

Ukraine is the second largest state in Europe after Russia. In fact, given its size, shipments have transit times that reach even 9 days. Our couriers are also able to make fast shipments to remote areas of the country.

The main cities reached by the SpedizioneComoda.com service of parcel shipping in Europe by express courier to Ukraine are Kiev and Lviv.

Bulgaria? Of course, we can!

Shipping to Bulgaria means reaching the eastern half of the Balkan Peninsula, close to the Black Sea. The delivery in Bulgaria can take up to 6 days, and our couriers are also able to make fast shipments to remote areas.

The main cities reached by the SpedizioneComoda.com service in Europe with the express courier to Bulgaria are Sofia and Varna.

Send a parcel to Switzerland?

Shipping to Switzerland, the landlocked Alpine country par excellence, is guaranteed in a maximum of 3 working days. Our couriers can also make fast shipments to remote areas of the country.

If you need to send your parcel to Zurich, Basel, Bern, or Lugano, there’s no problem. Moreover, we also deliver your parcel to small mountain villages, because we deliver everywhere.

Best prices to ship your parcel to Europe

After seeing some of the European countries where SpedizioneComoda.com delivers your package quickly, let’s see some of the best prices to ship to Europe. To get a detailed quote, go to the dedicated country pages or visit them by clicking on the links below. With us, sending parcels to Europe is easy!

Services included in the price

SpedizioneComoda.com is the solution for fast online shipments with the best express couriers to ship within Europe at affordable rates with home or office pick-up included in the price. Get a free quote now and choose the courier that offers the lowest price and services best suited to your needs.

The couriers in Europe we work with have a solid logistics network that guarantees the continuity of the shipment. This allows them to sort and ship packages to almost every country in the world. If you ship with DHL, TNT, or UPS, the courier will take care of your parcel from the pickup at your address until the delivery.

To ship low-cost to Europe, follow carefully the import rules of the country to which you send your parcel: before sending it, ensure that your shipment does not contain prohibited items. Choose one of our couriers, and book your pick up at home or at the office.

You can get a customized quote online here to check the various low-cost shipment options within Europe and the different levels of service that can be used.

But first, make sure you:

  1. check the list of prohibited objects;
  2. pack your package;
  3. measure the parcel ready for shipment.

Finally, get a shipping free quote and choose the best option for you, agree on the pickup date and time at home or at the office.

Parcel shipments to Spain
Withdrawal of an expedition for Spain

Ship to Europe with SpedizioneComoda.com

To meet the needs of all our customers, we have dedicated pages for FAQs or frequently asked questions. We will walk you through every step of the way of your shipping to Europe. In the FAQ section, you will find all the information on how to ship to Europe and the answer to all your questions about the first contact with SpedizioneComoda.com until delivery.


When you ship to a country in Europe, keep in mind that the process will be different if the country of destination is part of the European Union or not.

Shipments from an EU country to another EU country do not require customs clearance; therefore, the mandatory documentation requirements that accompany the shipment are the same as a shipment within Italy, and it is not needed to provide any kind of additional info.

When a shipment is made from an EU country such as Italy to a country that isn’t part of the EU (such as Switzerland, the UK, and others), there may be two cases:

there is an agreement in place with the destination country and, therefore, the procedure is similar to shipments between EU countries,

or the country where you send the package to does not have any agreements, resulting in the need for the goods to undergo customs thus more info and documents are needed.

The sender can check the delivery status using the tracking code received at the time of shipping the order.
This can be used on the courier’s website with which you ship and have real-time information on where the package is.
Alternatively, you can contact spedizionecomoda.com, and we will give you the required info on tracking the package.

For the same weight and size, the most important factor in the final price of a shipment to Europe is the delivery time. For instance, if you use a truck service, it will most likely be cheaper than an air service, but it will take longer to get to the destination – 3-5 working days against the average 24-48 hours of air service. Also, home pick up is more expensive than collecting the parcel at the courier’s collection point.

International shipments must be sent with the following documents: air waybill, label, commercial or proforma invoice, letter of liability, and documents required by the destination country.
If the destination country does not belong to the EU, add the Export declaration, which is mandatory, and a list of the items contained in the package, which is optional.
There is also a declared maximum value for exports beyond which it is impossible to send; this varies from country to country.

Shipments to Europe comply with international shipping rules. Food, for example, cannot be perishable. Dry or canned food, including biscuits, pasta, oil, wine, and others, are allowed.
Personal items, the value of which must be declared, are also permitted.
It is NOT possible to send: weapons and ammunition and dangerous goods, such as explosives, toxic gases, lithium batteries, radioactive substances, waste, living botanical resources, livestock, animals, and perishable goods.
In addition, the couriers will not accept money, precious metals, jewelry, works of art and antiques unless properly packed and properly documented, checks, coins.

For package or pallet shipments to Europe, the packaging must be new and cannot be reused, while the material must be among those with permission to enter the country of destination.
The most common way of packaging is in a cardboard, plastic, wooden or metal box, covered in turn by an outer casing.
You will have to declare the content, value, and reason for the shipment.

There are many shipping services operating in Europe through UPS, DHL, FedEx, and Dpd couriers. Each carrier has cheaper routes for the same service than others, based on the destination, delivery time, size, and weight.
There is no cheaper courier. Instead, there will be more affordable rates on a case-by-case basis.
It is a good idea to get several quotes before choosing the service that best suits you.

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