How to send a parcel from home: 5 useful and easy steps!

Would you like to know how to receive your package form Italy? Are you looking for a way to ship documents, packages or pallets from Italy using the best rate?

Now you can send parcels from anywhere in Italy to any destination worldwide using the best express couriers.

In fact, SpedizioneComoda.it offers a service that from any address in Italy allows you to ship anywhere in the world using an express courier. In this article we share five simple steps to better prepare and execute your shipment.

How to send a package from Italy with home pickup?

Sending a package using an express courier with local pick-up is an enormous convenience. This option would be even more essential if you are shipping fragile and difficult to transport pallets or packages.

Fortunately, many couriers such as TNT, UPS e DHL offer home pickup. In some cases, however, it is an ancillary service at an additional cost.

SpedizioneComoda.com allows you to send a package from Italy to any destination, booking the best couriers online and offering you the collection of the shipment included in the price.

In this article you are going to receive more details on how to collect a parcel at the Italian address of origin of the shipping.

Let’s see what are the 5 steps to follow to send your package from the comfort of your home.

1. measure size and weight of your package

Please make sure the stated size and weight are accurate. If in doubt, it is better to round up to avoid unexpected surcharges.

SpedizioneComoda.it also offers you solutions for  the shipment of large packages and pallets  as well.

2. enter the city of departure and the country destination

Enter the city of departure and the country of destination of the package to be sent.

As shown in the image below, which reproduces the form for calculating estimates, you will also need to enter the dimensions and weight of your package:

How to send a package with SpedizioneComoda.com
Image of the form for calculating quotes

If you need to ship more than one package, click on “Add package”.

After adding all the packages to be sent, click on “Calculate Cost and Options”.

Later you can still change the date of collection of the package, so that you can choose the day most convenient for you to collect the package at the address of origin:

Send a package from Rome to Milan
Delivery times and shipping prices for a 30kg package from Rome to Milan

3. enter the shipper details

You will also need to specify the content of the shipment and provide your billing information as well as:

Shipment Details
Personal information and on the content of the shipment

4. Enter the shipping and delivery address

Make sure you provide all the necessary data both for the address from which the package will be collected, as well as for the delivery address.

At this stage you can also select the collection date you prefer:

Sender and recipient data
Shipping and delivery address

5. pay with a secure online payment system

You just have to select the payment method you prefer.

Once payment is complete, the shipping order confirmation page will appear.

To send a package you will need to pack it correctly!

Pack your parcel for an online shipment

Proper packaging is essential to ensure the success of your fast shipment.

In fact, good packaging favors:

  1. that the package arrives intact at its destination: if a package is not packaged correctly and its contents are leaking, the courier may keep it in the warehouse. In some serious cases, the courier may refuse to take charge of the package not packaged correctly;
  2. integrity and safety of the contents: Proper packaging can prevent damage to the contents of your shipment. At the same time, it prevents the contents of your shipment from escaping and damaging that of others;
  3. accurate quotes: knowing the dimensions of your packed items is essential to obtain an accurate quote. If the courier detects discrepancies between the dimensions you provide and the actual dimensions of the package, they may charge you extra costs.

How to properly pack a package for shipping?

When sending a package from home, be sure to prepare the packaging following these precautions:

  • use new boxes;
  • prefer corrugated cardboard;
  • choose the right size;
  • protect the goods from the inside;
  • seals the package correctly.

Different items may require different types of packaging. If you want advice on how to pack a specific item, you can visit the parcel packaging guide.

Make sure your items are eligible to be shipped

As our couriers allow you to send a package from a third-party address in Italy, this control is essential. In fact, at www.SpedizioneComoda.com you can send parcels from Italy to all countries of the world.

Our parcel shipping service is perfectly suited to the needs of individuals and companies allow you to send a parcel from anywhere in Italy containing any item, such as:

  • personal objects;
  • suitcases;
  • wine and oil;
  • oversized parcels;
  • documents and envelopes;

Please note, however, that there are articles whose shipping is prohibited. These restrictions are divided into two categories, those related to specific countries and the general ones on the transport of goods. Let’s have a look at them.

Legal and courier restrictions

Couriers cannot carry certain categories of items. These mostly include items that are dangerous, toxic and the breakage of which could damage other shipments.

Among the items that you will not be able to ship are the following items:

  • dangerous articles according to IATA regulations;
  • objects of particular value, such as precious stones, antiques and works of art;
  • weapons.

For a detailed list of items that are not allowed to be shipped, you can visit the prohibited items page Keep in mind that if the package to be sent contains one of these items, the express courier may refuse to take charge of your shipment.

Restrictions by destination on the sending of certain items

In addition to legal restrictions, there are nationally determined import bans. Consequently, it is important to verify that the shipment of your items is allowed by the destination country. If they are not:

  • your items may get stuck in customs;
  • the customs authorities of the country of destination may return the items to the origin at the expense of the sender;
  • your articles could be destroyed at the point of entry of the country of destination.

In some cases, the customs authorities of the destination country may also request the sanitation of the items. This procedure has a cost, generally borne by the sender. In other cases, special permits or licenses may be required for specific items.

In countries where the volume of shipments is greater, we have created a dedicated page with all the information, including any restrictions in:

Shipping costs from Italy when using SpedizioneComoda.com

For your parcel shipments we rely only on the best couriers, such as UPS, DHL and TNT. These carriers allow us to deliver your packages anywhere in the world in a very short time. In fact, most deliveries take place within 24-48 hours.

The shipping costs we offer are extremely competitive thanks to the large volume of package shipments that we handle daily. That is offered moreover while not binding you to take out any subscription with us or with the couriers.

Whether it is an international shipments or shipments within Italy, we offer the best solution fit to your needs. After this overview and instructions on how to ship by courier, all you have to do is properly prepare and ship your package!

Tracking of the parcel

Check where your package is while it is traveling. With online tracking you can, in fact, check its position at any time.

The package’s tracking number, contained in the airway bill that is sent to you by email, will allow you to locate your shipment at any time using the online tracking service.

Online consultation can take place at any time of day, from the comfort of your home or with your smartphone. All in a few clicks!

Alternatively, you can call our customer service to find out where your package is.

This service is essential to know when the shipment will arrive at its destination.

At the same time, it allows you to take immediate action in case of issues such as the package is lost or stuck in customs.

How to send a package to Italy

When shipping a package or pallet within the Italian national borders, the process is particularly smooth and simple.

In fact, the goods will not need to pass any border or customs control, so the travel documents are reduced to the single airway bill to be delivered to the courier in duplicate at the time of collection.

This also allows for a lower restriction in the articles allowed for dispatch, as in fact the delivery takes place within a single legislation.

Furthermore, you can choose between two broad categories of means of transport, air or truck, each of which offers various services based on delivery times and relative prices.

Please note that not all of the national territory is served in the same way by the parcel and pallet shipping service.

Since deliveries are strongly influenced by the geographic conditions of the territory and by the infrastructures present on it (bridges, highways, railway junctions, ports, airports), it goes without saying that islands and remote geographical areas will suffer from a longer delivery time than larger metropolitan areas, with a higher cost of the service.

How to send a package to Europe

Sending articles within the European territory presupposes, as in the case of Italy, a uniformity of rules and directives that the various EU countries have given themselves during the years of the Union.

To send packages to France, Germany or Spain for example, you will only need the invoice (if you are sending commercial items) and the airway bill (written in English).

On the Air Way Bill (Lettera di vettura in Italian) will be recorded the data of the sender, including the address of the recipient, the weight and type of goods shipped as well as the tracking number (in Italian Numero di tracciamento).

As we have seen in the paragraph on tracking, this alphanumeric number is useful and necessary to get information on where the package is during all phases of shipment and delivery.

How to ship a package to non-EU Countries

If, on the other hand, you need to ship packages or pallets to a country outside the European community, spedizionecomoda.it will guide and assist you in:

  • Select the most qualified courier for the destination country
  • Choose the most convenient service that offers reliability
  • Evaluation of an additional insurance service
  • Assistance in filling out the required proforma invoice and Export Declaration
  • • Verification that all customs documents are correctly filled in to ship the package

From England to Australia, from neighboring Switzerland to faraway China, an expert courier and the assistance of www.spedizionecomoda.com will support you in navigating the peculiar laws and different customs rules, so that your package or pallet arrives at its destination on time and without hitches of sorts.

Which service to choose for the shipment of packages, pallets and documents?

When deciding to ship a package, one aspect that often leaves you undecided is the selection of the courier. The three axes of shipments that SpedizioneComoda offers to its customers have been in business for decades and have behind them billions of packages delivered.

However, there are plenty of doubts about each of them in terms of their strengths and weaknesses.

How to send a package with DHL

DHL, which stands for Dalsey, Hillblom and Lynn (the founders of DHL Worldwide Express) is a company that is part of Deutsche Post and is headquartered in Bonn, Germany.

Infografica sui Numeri del Corriere Tedesco

DHL is known as the largest logistics company in the world. Its international network is by far the strongest of the three proposed couriers.

It delivers over 1.3 billion packages a year.

Dr. Nazzarena Franco is the current CEO of Italy and the carrier employs about 5,730 employees in our country, including trainees.

The DHL Italia group offers a wide selection of logistics services:

  • national parcel delivery;
  • international delivery;
  • e-commerce solutions;
  • express international shipping;
  • air, sea and land service.

DHL is an excellent choice for international shipments precisely because of the dense international logistics network. It offers speed, efficiency and competence, supporting its offer with a full refund in the event of delivery problems and insurance on shipped goods included in the price.

Even on the Italian territory DHL is very efficient, but it does not always offer the best price.

It is often chosen for shipments when the goods you send (documents, valuable items, etc.) justify the premium you will pay.

Compared to 2021, the German giant has announced an average price increase of about 5.9% for Express services, which came into effect on January 1, 2022.

As expected from a 5-star service such as that offered by DHL, the pick up of the package is always included in the price, whether it is private or commercial shipping.

How to ship a package with UPS

UPS Courier Numbers Infographic

UPS, United Parcel Service, is the most historic express courier of the three giants and reigns in the world of transportation within the United States. It was founded in 1907.

Today UPS has a presence in 221 countries. In 2020, it made more than 6.3 billion deliveries worldwide, an average of 17.5 million a day.

On 1 June 2020 in Italy a part of the company’s history was made. In the 113 years of the company’s existence, a woman, Dr. Carol B. Tomé, has been appointed CEO of UPS Italia.

Worldwide, UPS uses approximately 123,000 vehicles in its delivery fleet.

It has increased its service rates by an average of 5.9% as of December 26, 2021.

Just like DHL and TNT, UPS is also not immune to service issues and offers a claim procedure for refunds.

UPS is a direct competitor of DHL and since it opened parcel shipping operations in Italy, it has implemented a fairly aggressive pricing policy precisely to conquer slices of the market once dominated by its German rival.

Here at SpedizioneComoda.com, the UPS courier is the favorite because of the excellent value for money that makes it unbeatable in many international destinations.

UPS also offers home collection when you book its services, or alternatively you can leave your package at one of the many collection centers.

How to send a package with TNT-Fedex

In 2015 TNT, a historic courier strongly rooted in Italy, was acquired by FedEx, the US shipping giant.

Since then, a merger has begun which has now matured into TNT – FedEx, a courier with a strong national character, which offers domestic shipping through TNT, while serving international shipments with FedEx’s logistics network.

Infographic on the numbers of the Corriere FedeX - TNT

FedEx, which stands for Federal Expedited, is an American multinational founded in 1971 and is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee.

Their Italian website claims to have the largest air cargo carrier in the world, and one of the fastest road networks in Europe.

Fedex – TNT serves 220 countries and ships more than 15 million packages daily.

Worldwide, the company employs approximately 450,000 people. Giovanni Galliani is the operations director of FedEx Italy.

This courier offers various and efficient solutions whether it is shipped to Italy, Europe or to a country outside the EU.

Delivery within 24 hours in Italy, 48-72 hours abroad, with longer times if the area to be reached is geographically remote.

Thanks to the low prices and the efficiency of the service, TNT – FedEx is still the preferred express courier for domestic shipments.

Parcel Shipment: Single or Multiple?

When it comes to sending items and preparing the shipment, there are two possibilities:

  1. that only one package is sent
  2. that more packages have to be sent
    • these in turn can all be directed to the same recipient
    • these in turn can all be directed to the same recipient.

Single parcel shipping

Option one is the simplest, just prepare the package correctly and follow the five-step procedure described above and the courier will collect and deliver to destination according to the agreed times.

Multiple parcel shipping to the same address

Even the first case of option two, that is, sending multiple packages to the same address, is relatively simple.

In fact, considering the option to “add a package” that the shipping platform offers when calculating the price, only one transaction and payment can be made to ship multiple parcels or pallets.

It will therefore be sufficient to add more packages to the same route, specify the weight and dimensions of each package or pallet, to have a single quote and make a single payment.

It will be necessary to attach the airway bills received by email to each package.

It is strongly advised not to attempt to group several units in a single package.

This would cause maneuvering issues to the driver at the time of pick up and to whom will have to handle the packages during its journey to destination.

Furthermore, if the grouping were to break, considering that the consignment note would be one, the parcels without a label would certainly be lost.

Considering that the price that will be paid is in any case for several parcels, that the grouping would therefore not result in any savings, this practice is absolutely to be avoided.

Multiple parcel shipping to different addresses

The second case of option 2), that is, sending more than one package to multiple addresses, is probably the least easy.

However simple to perform, sending to multiple addresses assumes that a transaction is made for each destination address.

In fact, it is not possible to specify multiple addresses in the same booking and payment procedure to send a package.

Please note that each of the airway bills, also known as shipping labels and received by email, must be properly attached to the corresponding package.

Be careful not to mix or confuse them, each package will have different weight and dimensions as well as its final destination.

How to send a parcel from Italy to anywhere in the world? It’s Simple, if done with the right service!

SpedizioneComoda.it has the right service for you to send a package from home quickly and easily. Thanks to the local collection included in the price, the package is going to be picked up locally by the courier.

As just seen, you can also get a quote to ship online in minutes.

Just prepare the shipment and pack the package, then choose the most convenient shipping option to you. Our couriers will take care of the rest!

Questions? We are available 24/7

If you still have some doubts about shipping packages from Italy to everywhere, you can consult our FAQ page or contact our customer support via phone, whatsapp, or chat. You are going to be helped with answers to your requests.

Our assistance and professionalism will be at your side from the moment you purchase the service that best suits your needs until your item or items has arrived at its final destination.

Here are the answers to the most common questions on how to ship a package:

The final cost of the shipment will depend on your:

  1. origin;
  2. destination;
  3. type of service chosen;
  4. package weight and
  5. other considerations, such as:
    • 5.1 insurance,
    • 5.2 If the package or pallet is not stackable
    • 5.3 If the package or pallet has non-standard measurements

To get the best estimate of shipping costs, use our homepage tool that calculates times and costs.

Accuracy is important, so if you have to estimate, try to be as accurate as possible.

The express courier weighs and measures all parcels once they arrive at the relevant sorting centers.

If the estimated weight and dimensions are not accurate, additional costs will certainly be charged and the payment process may delay the delivery of the items to their destination.

Each courier has different maximum allowed dimensions. This is due to the size of the door openings on the vans and planes where the package or pallet will need to travel.

DHL express for example asks that a shipment not exceed 120cm in size on either side. It also requires notification of shipments weighing more than 50kg.

We will be happy to advise you and organize the personalized transport of any items whose dimensions do not fall within the standard ones.

Yes. In this regard, we remind you that packing packages with adequate materials and care helps to ensure that shipments arrive safely and intact.

Couriers need all shipping labels, airway bills and other shipping documents ready with packages upon pickup.

Our couriers do not carry pre-printed documentation or carry printers in their vehicles.

It is therefore necessary to print the airway bill as well as all other documents sent by email and necessary for the shipment of parcels. For other documents we mean those relating to shipments outside the EU.

Please contact us via WhatsApp, Tel or rather via email and we will do our best to assist you and reschedule or cancel your pickup and therefore the order.

The calculation of the duties depends on the taxable value of a shipment subject to duties. For the purpose of this calculation, taxable goods are assigned by customs a classification code known as the Harmonized System code.

Regardless of whether a shipment is a gift or not, it still has to go through an import procedure as established by the customs law in the destination country.

The shipment is cleared by customs based on the country of origin, value and quantity, but not for purpose.

Duty shipments are therefore subject to a customs tax, which is a tariff or tax on goods to be paid when they cross international borders.

This system was assigned by the World Customs Organization and is constantly evolving.

The payment of duties and taxes is generally the responsibility of the recipient.

When using the Calculate Cost and Options tool, you will be shown a list of different options to choose from in order to ship the package to its destination.

Delivery times, as well as available collection times, will be shown on the same screen so you can choose the option that suits your needs.

We have created a mini guide to find out what can and cannot be sent.

Please check this Prohibited Items List before purchasing any shipping services. The items to be sent must in fact be among those acceptable for couriers.

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