Express courier for the shipment of packages, documents and pallets

If you are looking for a reliable and economical express courier to ship pallets, documents or packages, SpedizioneComoda.com is the right solution for your needs.

We guarantee you a superior quality service thanks to our collaboration with the best express couriers and decades of experience in the field of Italian national and international shipments.

By relying on SpedizioneComoda.com, you will no longer have to waste time comparing prices and services offered by the different couriers.

We will choose the most suitable express courier for you, always guaranteeing delivery times from 24/72 hours for your shipments from Italy to anywhere in the world.

Corriere espresso per spedizione di pacchi

Our express couriers in Italy

SpedizioneComoda.com collaborates with different carriers, to allow you to ship with the most suitable express courier for your shipment’s needs, the weight of your package, and its final destination.

Organizing your shipment has never been easier and faster. Here is the list of Italian express couriers with which SpedizioneComoda.com collaborates:

  • DHL: DHL Express offers national and international shipping services. DHL delivery times range from 24 hours in Italy, to 24-72 hours in Europe;
  • TNT: this is partner of SpedizioneComoda.com within Italy and for some European destination, the national express courier TNT is a giant in logistics. Your shipment will always be traceable and you can easily monitor its movements and know exactly when your package is delivered;
  • UPS: a company of American origin, UPS has over 100 years of experience in the field of shipments. Thanks to the worldwide shipping service offered by UPS, you can easily ship documents, packages and pallets.

Our couriers ship from:

Which is the best express courier in Italy?

SpedizioneComoda.com has carefully selected the best express couriers in Italy based on some essential criteria:

  • affordable rates: thanks to our collaboration with couriers, you can take advantage of discounted rates compared to the standard rates of each of our express couriers. Furthermore, the pickup of the package at your Italian address and the tracking of the shipment are included in the price;
  • versatility of the service: www.SpedizioneComoda.com it allows you to send documents, packages, and pallets up to 1,000 kg;
  • prompt and free assistance: the customer service of SpedizioneComoda.com is always available to clarify any doubts and to assist you and;
  • speed: thanks to the dense logistics network of our couriers, shipping times in Italy are generally 24/48 hours.

Delivery times by express courier: how long does it take?

Delivery times to ship within Italy with our express couriers are always very fast and generally range from 24 to 48 hours. Delivery times to ship within Italy with our express couriers are always very fast and generally range from 24 to 48 hours.

By choosing SpedizioneComoda.com you will be sure to always have the fastest express courier available for your shipments in Italy and abroad.

Couriers through the ages

The word derives from the Latin word “currere”, which precisely means “to run”.

Courier services have existed for hundreds of years and mostly offer national and international deliveries but in certain cases they serve also within a metropolitan area.

In the United States, the first private courier company was Wells Fargo, which was founded in 1852.

Etymology of the word "courier"

Today we also associate the word courier with express, precisely to emphasize the fast and efficient service.

We can therefore say that the term express courier derives from the ancient pony express, that is the American postal services that in 1860 delivered the mail on horseback in the USA and that were pioneers of expressed deliveries.

7 Interesting Facts About the History of Express Couriers

From delivering messages on foot in ancient Greece to the growth of multi-billion dollar international express couriers such as FedEx and UPS, the courier industry has played an important and fundamental part of our contemporary society throughout history.

We want to summarize the western history of this industry over the centuries with 7 curious facts:

    1. Courier services originate in Persia. Around 400 BC, Prince Cyrus the Younger enlisted carrier pigeons, horsemen, and runners to create a network of deliveries throughout his kingdom.
    2. The fact that a marathon is 42.195 km long is thanks to the story of a courier in ancient Greece.

      Fidippides, a courier from ancient times, traveled this distance from Marathon, a Greek city, to Athens to spread the news that the Greeks had won in Persia in the Greco-Persian war.

    3. Horses eventually replaced foot couriers. The ancient Greeks and Romans made the courier on horseback and / or by wagon the most common method of delivery in their territories.
    4. The courier profession is one of the first professions ever born. This became a calling in the Middle Ages and the royal courts were the best customers, paying a generous fee for the delivery of their packages.
    5. The courier industry underwent a profound transformation thanks to the Pony Express. The Pony Express was a courier service operating in the United States at the beginning of the Civil War and during the era of the California Gold Rush.

      This is considered as the proponent of an epochal change in the history of express courier deliveries.

      In fact, its speed and efficiency in delivery dramatically changed the postal service in America for the better.

      Consider that at that time, the second half of the seventeenth century, couriers were able to transport parcels from the east coast to the west in just 10 days, traveling on horseback instead of using stagecoaches.

    6. Working for the Pony Express was by no means something to be taken lightly. Here is what the text of the job posting said:

      Wanted: young, in good shape, ardently daring, no more than eighteen years of age. It is essential to be expert knights, willing to risk your life every day. Orphans are preferred.

    7. One of the largest courier companies in the world, United Parcel Service (UPS), was founded in Seattle in 1907 by two teenagers. They delivered packages mainly on foot and by bicycle.

      Today UPS is a publicly traded giant that generates more than 52 billion euros a year.

Why choose an express courier service for your shipments?

First of all, we can immediately say that the quality that characterizes delivery by express courier is speed. Your packages will always arrive at their destination on time. A standard service such as the Italian Post Office can often take several business days to deliver the goods.

Let’s see below what differentiates the parcel delivery service by express courier from that of other services.

  • Speed and efficiency

    A great quality of courier services is the speed and efficiency with which they generally deliver shipments and packages. The widespread network and the parcel processing system, tested over years of activity, guarantee an efficient and competent shipping partner.

  • Fewer size limits

    Another feature that distinguishes express courier services is that they have few weight and size restrictions when it comes to shipping goods.

The table below summarizes the difference between the logistical capacity of the best couriers compared to basic services:

Poste ItalianeUPSDHLTNT
Peso massimo30 kg1.000 kg3.000 kg1.000 kg
Dimensioni massime220 cm
(somma dei lati)
400 cmSenza limiti240 x 120 x 180 cm
Lunghezza massima150 cm274 cmSenza limitiNessun limite
  • Real-time monitoring

    Thirdly, we remind you that when you use UPS, TNT or DHL for your parcel shipment, you will always have the possibility to track your parcel in real time.

  • Professional packaging

    Although the packaging may seem like a secondary aspect, an express courier advises you on the best way to ensure that your package arrives intact at its destination.

  • Duties and taxes

    When shipping abroad, in the case of non-EU exports, these may involve Customs Duties and documentation needed to enter the country of destination. When shipping abroad, in the case of non-EU exports, these may involve Customs Duties and documentation needed to enter the country of destination.

    With SpedizioneComoda.com you will always have answers to your questions, and your packages will always travel with the required documents, duly filled in.

  • Tailor-made services

    Flexibility for example in:

    • no overlapping of your package,
    • shipping non-standard sizes,
    • choosing the time slot for local pickup,
    • pickup at the address of your choice,
    • various delivery points for your package a drop off is preferred.

All of these are aspects that dramatically improve the shipping experience.

The 5 steps to send parcels by express courier

Let’s see below what are the steps to follow and what can we expect when we use an express courier service.

1) Prepare the package

First choose your box. Use a box large enough to securely hold what you are sending, plus make sure you protect the contents properly. Here are some tips on how to pack a package.

2) Place your order on www.SpedizioneComoda.com

Once the package has been prepared, it will need to be weighed and measured in 3 dimensions: Width, Length and Depth.

In fact, weight and dimensions along with the addresses of pickup and destination are going to be necessary to get a quotation of the shipping cost and to possibly place an order.

3) Affix the airway bill to the package

After the first two steps, glue the AWB (Air Way bill) of the chosen express courier received by email to the package. After that, you just have to wait for your package to be collected at the agreed time.

The package can also be left at one of the nearest courier collection centers.

4) What Happens During the Delivery Process: A Look Behind the Scenes

Once collected, your package is delivered by the express courier driver to the first nearest collection and processing point. There the process of getting to your destination can be summarized in the following diagram:

How a package transits through the supply chain of an express carrier

5) The package has been delivered

If the delivery notification is available on the courier’s website and it has been activated, you will receive a confirmation email or sms.

Alternatively, it will always be possible to verify the delivery thanks to the tracking number found on the waybill received via email in pdf file.

This must be entered on the courier’s tracking web page to get an update on where the package is.

Finally, you can always contact us and receive a personalized update from us.

Shipping via express courier

SpedizioneComoda.com selects the best express couriers for you to ensure fast delivery times and affordable rates. Visit the SpedizioneComoda.com website and request a free quote for your shipment immediately.


If you are looking for the best at the best price, we at SpedizioneComoda.com have made this our motto.

A 2019 survey by Altroconsumo.it mentions the 3 couriers we entrust our customers’ shipments to being the 3 best in terms of customer satisfaction.

Altroconsumo inquiry on the best express couriers in Italy according to customers

Frequently Asked Questions About Express Couriers:

An Express Courier service is a company, usually private, which ships packages, pallets and documents.

Express couriers differ from normal mail services by:

  • speed,
  • safety,
  • traceability,
  • signature on delivery,
  • specialization and personalization of services,
  • fast delivery times,

As a premium service, couriers are generally more expensive than standard mail services and their use is normally for parcel delivery where one or more of these features described above is considered necessary and such as to justify the cost of the service.

An express courier generally operates on all scales, serving specific

Here at SpedizioneComoda.com we use only the most important and recognized couriers worldwide : DHL, UPS e Fedex – TNT.

These offer worldwide package shipping services, typically via a hub and spoke model.

Additionally, these carriers provide electronic proof of delivery and electronic tracking details.

The list is virtually endless, but here are some examples:

  • Documents
  • Cameras
  • Phones
  • Clothing
  • Tissue
  • Shoes
  • Photos
  • Passports
  • DVD
  • Computer
  • Laptop

There are also some items that cannot be shipped, here is the list of prohibited items.

In general, we can say that the courier solutions offered can be summarized in 5 five points as follows:

  • international courier service: this is a service of transporting goods or documents from one country to another. The courier’s job is to ensure that the appropriate means of transport (air, sea or land) is used for the most efficient delivery.
  • Service of same-day express courier – this is a service that is aimed at those who need last minute or particularly urgent delivery.

    With this service it will be possible to send and receive on the same day. The “same day” service as it is internationally called is very popular in large cities, especially for the delivery of important documents.

  • Service of Overnight Courier: This is great if you need your goods to arrive the next morning or before a certain time of day.

    The courier usually carries out the transport of the goods at night or early in the morning.

  • Service of Pallet courier: this is a service that delivers goods on pallets in a safe and timely manner. This service helps customers meet strict delivery deadlines at affordable rates.
  • Warehouse Service: This is a service designed to give companies greater control over their activities and goods.

    This type of service that we can call “logistics” will include storage management, picking, packing and shipping, as well as storage reports so that you can keep track of sales activities and related inventory.

How do courier companies calculate their prices?

We are often asked how the prices of express couriers are calculated. In fact, you might be wondering why a large but light package might have a higher shipping cost than a smaller but heavier one.

This is because the price can be calculated based on the volumetric weight of the package.

How much space the package takes up in the back of one of the vans can affect the cost of shipping. Space is precious to couriers, whether by plane or by vehicle, so package prices need to take this into account.

Therefore, the price you pay can be influenced by the amount of space the shipment takes up, rather than just its actual weight.

So how do we calculate the volumetric weight?

The volumetric weight of a shipment is a calculation that reflects the density of a package. A less dense item generally takes up more space than its actual weight.

The volumetric weight is calculated and compared with the actual weight of the shipment to determine which is the greater; the bigger value between the two is used as the chargeable weight of the shipment.

The formula for calculating the volumetric weight for items traveling through our parcel network is:

  • • Multiply the package dimensions in cm: length x width x height (cm)
  • Divide by 5000
  • The resulting figure is the volumetric weight of your package.

Visually mathematical formula for calculating the volumetric weight is:

Formula calculation volumetric weight

If this is greater than the actual weight of your shipment, the dimensional weight will be used to charge for the shipment. That is:

If the (Volumetric Weight – Actual Weight) > 0, then Shipping Costs are calculated on the Vol. Weight.

If the (Volumetric Weight – Actual Weight) < 0, then Shipping Costs are calculated on the Actual Weight.

Having clarified this point to those who are not familiar with the world of shipping, we can add that there are two other factors needed for the calculation of the final cost of shipping by express courier:

  • The distance to travel to deliver the package
  • The service chosen and therefore the time given to the courier to run that distance.
  • Moreover, if an insurance service is needed for the goods sent. This is optional.

Once the above data, weight, distance and chosen service have been entered, it will be possible to have the final cost for the shipment.

We already know some of the most important aspects to consider in order to make the right decision when choosing the express courier for your shipment:

  1. Availability of the service.
  2. Cost of the service.
  3. If technology enabled.
  4. Tracking available.
  5. Insurance.
    • Service availability:
      Although this point seems obvious and trivial, it must be considered that with today’s competition and high demand, couriers increasingly serve companies and individuals with complex needs.

      In peak periods, such as Christmas for example, many express couriers find themselves with volumes 3.4.5 times higher than those they normally handle.

      If the courier infrastructure is not properly organized, your package may suffer substantial delays in delivery.

    • Cost of service: Most couriers offer a premium service which doesn’t always mean that the costs are prohibitive.

      At SpedizioneComoda.com our mission is to offer our customers the best service available for their shipments, operated by the best courier at the lowest price on the market.

    • Technology enabled:
      It is also important that the type of service you choose uses tracking technology. Outdated courier services may be missing in tracked delivery and therefore, in the case of e-commerce courier, offer a less satisfying service to the customer.

      In the field of delivery and logistics in online sales, the use of cutting-edge technologies by the courier can be indicative of the quality of the service offered.

    • Tracking:
      Tracking should be one of the most important factors in choosing a courier.

      Many shipping companies publish on their website the percentage of on-time deliveries made and customer data. It is advisable to do a little research online on customer reviews and ratings on the service received in the past.

      A courier’s digital presence can also be a good way to get to know their reputation.

  • Insurance:
    The insurance and safety of the items sent are two important factors that protect both individuals and companies in logistics.

    Choosing a courier service that provides insurance gives you peace of mind in this regard.

    Often the courier offers basic insurance already included in the shipping price. With SpedizioneComoda.com it is possible to subscribe with an additional cost an insurance that covers the total value of the item / s shipped.

    Make sure you have information about your chosen carrier’s insurance coverage so you can make an informed decision.

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