DHL international parcel, document and pallet shipments

DHL International Shipping is one of the largest couriers for shipping parcels abroad, be it Europe or the world. In fact, the company has nearly half a century of experience in international fast shipping.

DHL is one of the leading couriers for international parcel shipments. Also offering to company-specific logistics services.

In this article, we analyze DHL’s services for fast shipments abroad. So, let’s see how to send parcels abroad with DHL at very affordable prices.

History and features of DHL courier

DHL is known as an American courier to ship online. In fact, the company was founded in the United States, precisely in San Francisco, back in 1969. In fact, DHL stands for Dalsey, Hillblom and Lynn. In 2002, Deutsche Post acquired full control of the courier and became a German company.

Since 1969, DHL has grown to become one of the world’s largest express shipping companies. To understand the massive logistic abilities of the company, it is enough to see its characteristics:

Characteristics of DHL Worldwide
Countries reached by DHL More than 220 countries and territories
Available aircrafts 420
International shipments delivery time 24 to 72 hours
Employees 550.000

The numbers speak for themselves: DHL has one of the largest logistics networks in the world. For this reason, it can offer fast and competitive delivery times virtually anywhere. Finally, it is one of the 10 largest companies in the world by the number of employees.

International Shipping with DHL: How to Ship?

DHL’s international shipping service is divided into two main categories:

  • Shipment of parcels and envelopes with documents or a small package;
  • Shipment of bulky and heavy pallets, containers, or packages.

Let’s see how each of these works.

Parcel and Document International shipments

DHL’s parcel and document international shipping service caters to both corporate and private customers. Moreover, their offer is suitable to meet different transport needs and delivery times.

Shipping service

Delivery time


Maximum weight

Sameday Sprintline Customizable Road 70 kg
Express Worldwide By the end of the working day following the collection Plane
No later than 9.00 or 12.00 on the working day following collection
Express Envelope (documents only) By the end of the working day following the collection Plane
Overseas moving shipment
Shipping your move abroad

Shipping heavy parcels abroad with DHL

DHL also thought about those who need to ship heavy, bulky parcels such as pallets and containers with their container offer. Therefore, to meet different needs, the carrier uses a variety of means of transport.

Shipments by air

DHL is one of the fastest shipping companies with the largest airline fleet. In fact, it covers routes around the world. By choosing DHL, you can ship a pallet by air with a 24-hour delivery time. This is how the company’s offer is structured.

Shipping service

Delivery time


Maximum weight

Sameday Jetline 1 working day from the collection The entire world 3,ooo kg
Sameday Speedline
Air Priority 1 working day from the collection
Airfreight Plus 1 to 5 days from the collection Between Europe and Asia

DHL International Shipping by Vessel

DHL’s maritime logistics solutions are aimed at those who need to ship heavy and bulky parcels, such as containers. DHL is able to satisfy any requirements as it travels over 45,000 routes.

The two services offered by DHL for shipping using maritime transport are:

  • DHL full-container-load (FCL): this solution is for those who have to ship full containers of goods.
  • DHL less-than-container load (LCL): the courier is able to satisfy the demands of who sends cargo of less than 20 cubic meters.

Fast road transport for shipments abroad

On the road, too, DHL has a wide range of vans and trucks available. In fact, it is with these means that the German courier is able to ship heavy parcels and pallets efficiently and quickly around the world. The offer by the carrier is well developed and not only in Europe.

With DHL Freight shipping services, you can also ship fast to Africa and Asia. This is how fast road shipping services for heavy loads are structured.


Delivery time




Freight Eurapid To be agreed Europe 2,500 kg 240 x 120 x 220
AsiaLine Asia N/A Up to 12 m
AfricaLine Africa

International shipments by rail transport

DHL’s rail transport is an eco-sustainable solution that allows you to ship large loads internationally. The offer mainly targets Asia and Europe and is structured as follow:

  • DHL RailLine: The solution for full-container-load transport. So, it fits well customers who ship entire containers;
  • DHL RailConnect: this solution focuses specifically on shipping China to and from Europe. It is suitable for those who have to send less-than a-container load shipments under 20 cubic meters.

DHL: shipments abroad in a single solution

The international shipment of parcels with DHL is professional and, as we’ve seen, has a very flexible offer. This is definitely an advantage for any business but also for individuals. In fact, the courier has a suitable solution for any need. At the same time, however,given the variety of offers it may become difficult to find the best solution for your shipment.

SpedizioneComoda.com makes your shipment of parcels abroad with DHL as simple as it gets. Why? Simple: Our service automatically identifies the fastest and most convenient solution for the chosen destination, offering you only the most fit option to your needs.

So, to obtain a quote and book your shipments online, simply enter the following data on our website to get the best options for you:

  • Italian city of origin;
  • country and city of destination;
  • the weight and dimensions of the package or envelope;
  • If you need to ship pallets, you will need to specify it in the appropriate field of the online form.

You will get one or more quotes for your shipments, which may include different couriers, shipping times, and rates for your shipping. You can choose the best solution for your needs.

The advantages of DHL with SpedizioneComoda.com

SpedizioneComoda.com gives you the chance to compare quotes and choose an online express courier for fast shipments with a single click. Beside allowing you to ship with DHL, one of the best international couriers, our service offers relevant benefits:

  • Low shipping costs: as if you’d have a subscription agreement with DHL, but keeping the flexibility to actual have no obligations. We work with the best couriers and handle a large volume of shipments every day. We, therefore, are able to offer you the possibility to send packages to Europe, the USA, and the rest of the world, with DHL at the same costs as those clients having subscription commitment;
  • no bound: while offering you affordable rates, we do not bind you to our service or to that of a specific courier. This makes our offer ideal for private customers and occasional shippers too;
  • office or home pick-up: When you choose our service, the courier will pick the parcel up at your address specified during the online service purchase Home pickup is always included in the shipping cost, unless other way specified;
  • shipment tracking: parcel tracking is also included in the shipping cost. You can then track your shipment progress to its final destination at any time. You will only need to contact our customer service team to get update info. A Tracking number is also available for every shipping.

How much does it cost to ship with DHL?

Here are some examples of the costs to ship packages and documents with DHL worldwide through SpedizioneComoda.com:

DestinazionePeso spedizioneTrasportoTempi di consegnaCosto
Parigi35 kgSu strada72 ore37,28€
Berlino65 kgAereo24 ore338,11€
Albania, Serbia, Ucraina1 kgAereo24 ore43,95€
Albania, Serbia, Ucraina10 kgAereo24 ore114,96€
Albania, Serbia, Ucraina70 kgAereo24 ore494,64€
Grecia, Polonia, Slovacchia, Ungheria1 kgSu strada72 ore19,36€
Grecia, Polonia, Slovacchia, Ungheria10 kgSu strada72 ore33,20€
Grecia, Polonia, Slovacchia, Ungheria70 kgSu strada72 ore84,47€

For other destinations or shipping methods, get your free and instant quote on SpedizioneComoda.com.

Shipping parcels abroad
Shipping parcels abroad

DHL International Parcel Shipments: A Trusted partner

DHL is among the best express couriers on the market. With different solutions to ship to Europe, USA, China, and rest of the world. Not always, however, an express courier is the best solution for different shipping needs.

For this reason, SpedizioneComoda.com has selected the best couriers to offer you the possibility to ship with the courier that best meets your needs. Thanks to our service, your parcel shipment will get delivered quickly and at competitive rates.

DHL Express offers door-to-door international delivery to more than 220 countries and territories within 1-3 days.

Monday to Friday DHL Express services offer express delivery by the end of the next available working day.

In other words, if for example your package is collected on Friday, it will be delivered on Monday (the next working day).

If necessary and with an additional cost, it is possible to have delivery on Saturday. This service is not available in all geographic areas.

If for particular reasons the package cannot be delivered and therefore remains in DHL warehouse, the package is said to be in storage or the shipment is in storage. This incurs an additional cost.

Storage fees apply when the shipment cannot be cleared due to inaccurate or missing documents or cannot be delivered due to an error in the destination address or inability to contact the recipient

Charges are effective three business days after the date of arrival of the shipment or notification to the customs broker, whichever comes first.

If you have a shipment in storage, it is advisable to act as quickly as possible to unblock the package and get it to its destination, under penalty of warehouse costs.

DHL delivery days and times vary according to the service chosen and whether it is national or international. Holidays and weekends also affect delivery times.

DHL delivery days in Italy are from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 18:00. DHL does not offer delivery on weekends or public holidays in Italy unless you are willing to pay extra and make special arrangements for your shipping.

DHL ships from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 18:00. Daily delivery times may vary depending on the size of the package and the delivery address.

DHL shipments are entrusted to the internal DHL network and its own fleet of vehicles. In some cases, DHL can make use of local partners which vary according to the country from where you ship and the service you choose.

In Italy, it is the DHL Express department with its own air and truck vehicles that collects, processes and delivers the parcels and pallets throughout the country.

DHL is a courier with several divisions within it, each specializing in a specific service.

The DHL Parcel division actively collaborates with DHL Express Italia. If you receive or ship with DHL from a European country, the logistics network and fleet of DHL vehicles will collect from the sender and deliver in Italy. Usually it is precisely DHL Express Italy.

If, on the other hand, it concerns international shipments from non-EU countries, DHL Parcel relies on the logistics network of Italian Post or SDA courier.

Since 2002, the German Post, also known as Deutsche Post, has been the 100% owner of DHL.

Parcels sent with Deutsche Post in Italy are delivered by DHL, through a division called DHL parcel.

In 1998, the German Post acquired a 25% stake in DHL. After an initial period of co-management of the goods delivery operations, in 2002 the same Deutsche Post took over the total ownership of the same DHL

This has allowed the merger of an expert express courier such as DHL with a capillary and well-organized infrastructure such as that of the German national post office.

DHL is therefore now wholly owned by Deutsche Post.

DHL is part of the world’s leading logistics group known as Deutsche Post DHL Group. This includes the following divisions:

  • DHL Package,
  • DHL Express,
  • DHL Global Forwarding,
  • DHL Freight
  • DHL Supply Chain.

The CEO of DHL Italy since March 2019 is Nazzarena Franco, who took over from Alberto Nobis, already CEO since 2013.

The DHL Express Courier offers various shipping and logistics services. In Italy, almost all DHL collection and delivery operations are performed by the DHL Express Italy division. This has a fleet of vehicles made up of more than 2,000 vehicles that carry out distribution and delivery.

This fleet associated with warehouses, HUBs and parcel processing systems makes DHL Express Italia the most efficient and widespread express shipping network on the national territory.

We remind you that delivery times are based on factors such as the type of service chosen, the location to be reached, whether the geographical area is more or less remote, possible adverse weather conditions or sporadic workers union unrest.

Having said that, delivery times are generally 2-3 days if we are dealing with European urban areas up to 14 days if we are shipping to very distant countries such as Latin America or Australia.

When your package is being delivered, you will be notified by email or SMS where you will be notified of the delivery time slot.

It is possible to request a different time slot or ask for the package to be left at the nearest DHL point where you can then pick it up at your convenience.

Through www.SpedizioneComoda.com you can request a personalized quotation for your express shipment with DHL Express. Without the need to create a customer profile, you can order the collection of the package or pallet at home by paying by Credit Card, Pay Pal, or Bank Transfer.

You can track your DHL shipment online with the tracking tool available on the DHL website. You will know exactly where your package is and when it will arrive. All you need is your shipping number also known as tracking number or tracing number.

Once entered in the appropriate field you will be able to see the status of the shipment.

Alternatively feel free to contact DHL customer service and we can give you personalized updates

  • If you are an account holder with DHL, you can call 199 199 345, the call has a cost.
  • From the dhl express italia website you can chat live or send an email
  • Call 800 319 784 for shipping costs and rates, to report a disservice or to make a complaint.

The DHL Group offers DHL Freight Highvalue for sending valuables.

Although valuables are among the goods prohibited by DHL Express, this service instead provides security in groupage divisions and direct loading through DHL’s European network.

The additional service of two drivers and GPS and insurance is also available if needed.

The shipping codument or DHL Express label is identified by a unique 10-digit code known as an Air Way Bill (AWB) number. This serves also as a reference for your shipment in case you need information or want to check the status or where the package or pallet is located.

The shipping document number and the tracking number are in fact the same.

DHL is the acronym of the names of the founders of the DHL Express world courier: Dalsey, Hillblom and Lynn.

Although today after the merger with Deutsche Post, DHL is synonymous with German efficiency and know-how, the company was founded in 1969 in San Francisco California. Initially it only offered express air delivery of documents and small packages from the continental USA to the Hawaiian Islands.

When a DHL shipment is marked as “in storage” it means that the first delivery attempt was unsuccessful. DHL Express will make a second attempt at the recipient’s address, contacting the recipient at the phone number given by the shipper when ordering the shipment.

Once the storage time has expired, the shipment is returned to the sender with costs charged or destroyed.

The list is practically endless, but here are some examples: Documents, Cameras, Phones, Clothing, Fabric, Shoes, Photographs, Passports, DVDs, Computers, Laptops, Wine, Olive Oil, etc.

After successfully paying for your shipment online, the system will automatically generate the DHL Waybill which will be sent to you by email to the email address you provided when filling out the order

If you have problems finding it, please contact us to request a copy.

After ordering the shipment online, the confirmation e-mail containing the tracking number of the shipment will be sent to your email address.

Tracking numbers for DHL are available in different formats, depending on the service. For DHL Express ittt is a 10-digit number that starts with 000, JJD01, JJD00, JVGL or a similar variation.

The DHL Express waybill must be attached to the outside of the package or pallet to be sent. This allows anyone handling the shipment to easily access the its details.

The waybill also known as AWB is therefore a document that accompanies the goods shipped by DHL and that allows them to be tracked. It serves as a receipt of goods as well as a contract of carriage between the sender and the carrier.

There are two reasons:

When making an online purchase, the Italian revenue service requires the merchant to generate an invoice that will then be placed in the national tax record of the buyer. The tax ID or VAT number allows the identification of this tax record.

In addition, if you are sending to non-EU countries it is necessary to generate an invoice, whether pro-forma or commercial, and in this document the tax ID or VAT number must be shown.

DHL Express has about 2,600 employees and handles express shipments throughout Italy and abroad. The fleet consists of 14 aircraft that make an average of 40 daily flights. This is assisted by a fleet of 3,000 vehicles that distribute the goods by land.

3500. 3500. You can buy DHL shipping online and book home pickup or leave your package yourself at one of the DHL Service Points.

Even when you receive a package with DHL, DHL service points are convenient, for example by requesting the package be delivered to the nearest point and then picked up at the most convenient time.

DHL offers two free delivery attempts. If both attempts fail, it will be possible to pick up the shipment at the DHL customer service point where the package will remain in storage for 5 days. After these, the package will be either sent back to the sender charging the costs or disposed.

On average it takes 3 or 4 working days to receive a package sent from Germany to Italy.

To influence the DHL delivery time are the type of service chosen (whether express, parcel, etc.), how remote the destination location is, the weather conditions and whether seldom transport strikes are scheduled on delivery days.

However, a DHL shipment from Germany to Italy rarely takes more than 7 days.

This can be easily calculated at the top of the home page.

To know the cost of a shipment in Europe with DHL express, you need to enter the weight of the package or pallet (packages cannot be more than 70kg), its dimensions, the point of origin and destination, then the service you prefer, truck or plane, with the latter being the fastest.

Once you have entered the info, the price calculator will offer costs and options.

If you are looking for shipping rates and options, you can call +39 800 319 784 for free.

If instead, you have complaints or are looking for info on a shipment already in place with DHL Express, you have to call from Italy to 199 199 345 at a cost of 14.49 cents of euro per minute.

If you are a customer of ours you can contact us by chat, phone or email. Customer service is available from Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 18:00, on Saturdays from 10:00 am to 15:00.

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