The Cost of Shipping a Parcel with Spedizionecomoda

Digital platform for private and business customers

SpedizioneComoda.com is a recognized digital platform for booking logistics services in Italy. We offer access to a wide range of services, from parcel shipping to freight and pallet transport.

Our digital platform for parcel, courier and freight forwarding services offers a wide variety of options and the ability to generate real-time quotes for major routes in Italy and Europe, for any type of service .

SpedizioneComoda.com operates as a wholesaler. So, thanks to the high volume of orders we receive from private and corporate accounts, we are able to optimize relationships with our logistics service providers and negotiate lower prices. This translates into savings that we pass on to our customers, both in time and money.

We offer low prices compared to other parcel and freight forwarding service providers in Europe. We simply choose the option with the best value for money, never sacrificing the quality of transportation services.

We have made parcel shipping a simple and transparent process: enter the destination and weight and our system returns the options of shipping available and their prices.

Parcel shipping costs: prices based on the most competitive option & and on courier performance

For any route within Italy and from Italy to Europe and the world, our shipment management system chooses the best value for money. This means that, depending on the route and the specifications of the package, the system will select the most reliable logistics company that can offer shipping service at the most affordable price.

We work only with the best international logistics companies that guarantee the highest quality of services, provide the best warehousing facilities, and have the best systems for tracking our shipments.

Domestic and international shipping

With SpedizioneComoda.com you can quickly receive a quote for destinations in Italy and from the Italian territory to Europe and around the world. We offer access to the lowest shipping rates, both for sending parcels and freight, both domestic and international.

We do anything for you

If you want to send a package at an affordable price, our agents can help you find the best solution. Booking through SpedizioneComoda.com saves you the time you would have spent searching for the best deal on the market, and money you would have spent contacting couriers directly.

Weact on your behalf in the interaction with the logistics company and represent your interests in the entire process from when the order is created until the package and goods are delivered.

Collaborations with couriers based on their performance and reputation

We always take into consideration our customers’ feedback, which is necessary to optimize and improve our network and cooperation with our service providers. We work only with reliable European and American freight forwarding and transportation companies, renowned for the quality and safety of their service.