The Company

SpedizioneComoda.com is a leading digital platform for booking logistics services in and from Italy. At the core of our service is the belief that logistics should be simple and transparent.

With SpedizioneComoda.com, booking takes only a few clicks and the whole process takes less than 3 minutes. Our technology-driven solution offers a more organized, user-friendly and cost-effective approach to logistics.

We provide access to high-standard transportation services for senders who wish to send a parcel, handle a partial load shipment (LTL) or full load shipment (FTL).

We process shipments for end users at all stages of the supply chain, leveraging our strong network of partnerships with numerous negotiated rates.

Based in Udine, Italy, SpedizioneComoda.com’s international team comes from diverse backgrounds and is fluent in several languages; this allows us to better serve our customers in over 30 different countries.

How does our system work?

SpedizioneComoda.comis an asset-light company works with various international and local specialized express couriers to fulfill orders placed through the platform in a timely and efficient manner.

On the back-end, all courier rates are sorted through the search engine principle and further processed by our proprietary algorithms to ensure that our customers enjoy the best prices per service ratio available in the market.

Our courier selection is a dynamic process, responding to real-time information from large amounts of data. Back-end optimization is supported by our own software development and machine learning, allowing SpedizioneComoda.com to offer advanced tools to manage and track orders easily and effectively.

For whom?

SpedizioneComoda’s range of products and services is designed with the needs of the average shipper in mind. We offer a customized interface that allows you to book and manage orders through an account, with just a few clicks and at significantly lower prices.

SpedizioneComoda.com is for businesses of all sizes and privates such as expatriates, students, sports enthusiasts, travelers, and anyone who wants to stay in touch with friends and relatives who live in another city, whether in Italy or abroad..

What to expect?

Immediate prices and quotes

Our high volume of shipments increases our bargaining power with logistics companies and allows us to save costs. In this way, we are able to pass the savings on to our customers.


Whichever route is selected, prices are shown immediately on our website. Quotes are accurate there are no final hidden costs.


We offer advice on how to prepare a shipment, provide advice and information throughout the entire shipping process. Whether you need to arrange a freight or ship a couple of packages, we have the experience on how to prepare and execute the shipping.

Our live chat agents are ready to answer any questions and to guide you along the way.

Our highly responsive customer service team is available to help you resolve any issues should they arise. We will represent you in communication with courier service providers.

Our team

To better serve our customers and meet their needs, Spedizionecomoda.com has enlarged its team through hiring people from all corners of the world.

Together, our team members speak several languages, and are able to serve customers in their native language and address their inquiries quickly.